The ZyMōt Multi (850µL) Sperm Separation Device


In 5+ decades of reproductive medicine, technological innovations have changed the way patients achieve their dreams. Despite this progress, sperm preparation has not evolved: labs still centrifuge sperm. Until now.

The ZyMōt Multi (850µL) Sperm Separation Device prepares motile sperm from semen for use in intrauterine insemination (IUI) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) procedures. The device accepts 850µL of sample input and yields 500µL output volume for downstream use.

ZyMōt devices separate sperm based on motility, without the need for any centrifugation. Click here to learn more about how ZyMōt devices work

With about 5 minutes of total hands-on time per sample, every ZyMōt processed specimen represents a significant time savings over centrifugation-based methods. Simple to adopt and easy to use, ZyMōt devices improve training and standardization. No special media is required.

Fewer handling steps (a shorter chain of custody) translates into less risk for your lab, and more confidence for your patients. Learn more about how ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices improve workflow and productivity.

The ZyMōt Multi (850µL) device can be used with the following sample types: “Normal”; Low count; Low motility (Note: Some motility is required); Viscous; Low volume; A combination of the above properties; Frozen samples.

Read more about the clinical performance of ZyMōt devices and see the publications featuring ZyMōt data.

Whether for ICSI or IUI use, there is no need for any centrifugation of the sample, either before or after device usage. Processing sperm with ZyMōt devices gives you more confidence and gives your patients more peace of mind.

Try it yourself and see the ZyMōt difference.

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ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices are helping fertility providers and patients redefine success. Easy to adopt, simple to use, processing samples with ZyMōt means a reduced chain of custody, improving safety and productivity.

Download the Instructions for Use below, and check out our Provider Resources for more helpful materials to help you get the most out of ZyMōt use.

Video Demo:
The ZyMōt Multi (850µL)
Sperm Separation Device