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Patients are why ZyMōt Fertility exists. Our mission is to help you use your healthiest, most motile sperm in your fertility journey.

Not all sperm are created equal

Every man, even when healthy, has a range of sperm quality in his semen. Nature isn’t perfect — some sperm are good, some sperm aren’t so great, and some sperm may even be dead. 

If you’re dealing with male-factor infertility, you may have additional sperm health challenges that could stand in the way of your success: poor swimmers (low motility), too few sperm (low count), misshapen sperm (abnormal morphology), or damage to the genetic material that sperm contain (DNA fragmentation). 

Dr. Soto, a Fertility Specialist at IVFMD, talks about why sperm health matters.
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No matter your age or health status, put your best sperm forward.

As a part of your fertility treatment, your semen sample must be processed to find sperm that are capable of combining with an egg to form an embryo. For IUI or ICSI, your odds of treatment success go up when you use your best, healthiest sperm. Healthy sperm help create a healthy embryo and a successful pregnancy. ZyMōt is here to help select your best sperm.

Not all sperm processing methods are equal

Traditionally, a fertility clinic would process your semen sample using a method that involves spinning (centrifugation) to separate out the good sperm from the bad sperm. That spinning procedure hasn’t changed much since the beginning of assisted reproductive medicine. Scientific research has even shown that spinning can damage sperm (DNA fragmentation), which can lead to poorer pregnancy outcomes. Watch how ZyMōt can help:

ZyMōt: A better way to process your sperm

Researchers have invented a better way to process sperm that doesn’t spin your sample. This new, patented approach, used by ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices, uses sperm’s natural swimming abilities to separate your healthiest, best performing (motile) sperm from the rest. No spinning means no additional damage to your sperm. Healthier, more motile sperm are more likely to help you achieve a successful pregnancy. 

It’s that simple.

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ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices offer your fertility team a new option to make sure that you use your healthiest sperm, and increase your odds of success. Read why ZyMōt is an essential part of your fertility journey:

ZyMōt: Separating your healthiest sperm.
ZyMōt: Separating your healthiest sperm.

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ZyMōt devices are the first of their kind, FDA-cleared, CE-certified, and available in the US and worldwide.

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Outcomes matter. Continue reading about our clinical data to learn more about how ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices can separate your healthiest sperm for ICSI and IUI procedures.