Taking the first step: Talking to your doctor about using ZyMōt

Up to 50% of infertility cases are due to “male-factor” infertility, so selecting your best sperm for ART procedures is vitally important. We’re here to help you introduce your doctor to the ZyMōt revolution.

How to start a conversation with your healthcare provider.

Whether your fertility journey is toward IUI, IVF or ICSI, using your healthiest sperm helps maximize your odds of success. ZyMōt devices are a new, better way to process your sperm. Using ZyMōt enables your clinic to select your champions.

ZyMōt is simple for your provider to adopt and easy for a lab to use. Download this brochure and show it to your doctor to determine if ZyMōt is right for you.

How to talk to your doctor about ZyMōt

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